6 Upcoming Design Events in New York to Keep an Eye Out For

6 Upcoming Design Events in New York to Keep an Eye Out For

6 Upcoming Design Events in New York to Keep an Eye Out For  by Stewart-Schafer (1).jpg

While the pandemic may have postponed a lot of events within the design industry, you would be delighted to know that many design events in New York are slowly starting to roll out again.

Some events have innovated by turning towards a digital-first experience, but when it comes to interior design and architecture, seeing these exhibitions in-person is an unmatched experience. New York City is arguably one of the best major metropolitans when it comes to style and design, and many designers come to this city to showcase their work and potentially gain new clients to work with.

Many New York interior design firms dedicate their time and commitment to displaying their work in certain design events to not only gain recognition but to also provide inspiration to other interior designers and architects within the design industry.

Luxury interior design in New York is also a major spectacle, with so many businesses and companies relying on interior design services to create a show-stopping design that will set their look apart from the competition.

Think of the interior designers and architects that businesses in the hospitality industry collaborate with, there’s a reason as to why many NYC interiors are pushing the boundaries by keeping up on the latest design trends. From restaurants to hotels, these establishments are committed to providing the best experiences for their guests, and one of the most important ways to create a memorable experience is through working with the best interior designers in NYC.

But these design events are not just catered to those in businesses, there are individuals who are simply design enthusiasts who may want to find the best design ideas for their own homes. It is important to remember that many interior designers, architects, artists and more who display their work in these events can serve as a beacon of inspiration towards one another.

At Stewart-Schafer, we are experts in interior design & architecture that provide our design services in New York & Connecticut. It is our commitment to stay on top of design trends within the industry to create stylish and purposeful interiors for our clients. We take inspiration from many design events in NYC, and our own innovation and creativity is what gives our design projects a unique touch.

In this blog, we will share some upcoming design events that any design enthusiast would love to attend as these events can be a great source of inspiration and product source for both interior designers and design connoisseurs.

The Best Events By The Top New York Interior Design Architects

There are plenty of interior design events in New York to discover, and now that some restrictions have eased to allow these events to happen in person, now is the perfect time to discover some impeccable talent within the design industry.

With plenty of interior designers in NYC, these events will showcase some of the best works that the city has to offer, while also highlighting some up-and-coming designers that you want to add to your radar.

Here’s our picks for six interior design shows in New York, which also include some architecture appreciation.

Salon Art + Design Fair

The 10-year anniversary edition of the Salon Art + Design Fair is set to begin on November 11, 2021 and end on November 15, 2021. For collectors and design connoisseurs, this event is a must-see, featuring 50 galleries from nine different countries. If you are in the market to look for something decorative to add to your interior design, you may want to consider visiting as these unique pieces could certainly add an element of surprise to your spaces. You will find both fine and decorative art on display here, and the fair will be held in the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)

The quintessential event for luxury interior design in New York, the ICFF is a sought-after show for architects and interior designers who come from different sectors. The ICFF is also regarded as the leading platform for contemporary design in North America. Find the latest design trends exclusively for the luxury design market, and explore a range of high-end furniture that can be a great addition to potential design projects. From furniture, to lighting and textiles, this event has plenty to offer with the selection it carries. This year’s event will be held at the Javits Center in New York City from November 14, 2021 to November 15, 2021.

Archtober Festival

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For the month of October, the Archtober Festival will be running throughout New York City at various locations. The exhibitions are organized by the American Institute of Architects

(AIA) New York division, the oldest and largest chapter of the organization. The festival is composed of both in-person and virtual events, and some of the key locations include the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, as well as the New York Public Library. For those who want to explore more than just interior design in New York, this may be the right event for you.

Boutique Design New York Fair (BDNY)

For those who are situated in the hospitality sector, the BDNY fair is a must-see event as it will feature brand new furnishings, lightings and textiles that could take your New York interior to the next level. The BDNY is considered as the leading trade fair and conference for the hospitality sector. This event brings together designers and architects with its wide selection of innovative furnishings that are exclusively designed for the lifestyle design community of the hospitality realm. The BDNY fair will co-located with the ICFF event, and it will be held from November 14, 2021 to November 15, 2021 at the Javits Center in New York City.


New York Now 2022_Interior Design Show.jpg

Be inspired at the NY Now 2022 event which will be held at Javits Center! This is the place where brands, designers, and buyers come together to connect and gain inspiration from the many unique work offerings. Happening in Winter 2022 (February 6, 2022 - February 9, 2022), this in-person event is your gateway to eclectic design. If you are potentially looking for an Interior design show in New York that will feature new and up-coming designs, this is the place to be as there are many artists and designers who come exclusively to this event to present their work for others to potentially add to their interiors.

The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF)

Regarded as the most prestigious art market, TEFAF will be having an extensive market that is set to commence in Spring 2022 (May 6, 2022 - May 10, 2022). While details are still slowly coming out, to give you a taste of what to expect, TEFAF’s 2021 event featured over 700 works by more than 260 international exhibitors. The event had works from many international and local interior designers that range from many design styles which will certainly attract any design enthusiast. It is safe to assume that the Spring 2022 event will likely feature some must-see designs. This will be the fourth Spring edition of TEFAF and it will be held at the Park Avenue Armory.

Why You Should Consider Visiting These Interior Design Events in New York City

Apart from the grandeur and sights to see from these events, whether you are an interior designer, an architect or simply an individual who has an appreciation for design, going to these events could be beneficial in some ways.

You don’t need to be a writer or an artist to experience that sense of lacking inspiration, and attending these events can be a good way to fuel your motivation to take on a design project as a professional, or even just redesign some areas in your home if you are a novice.

Furthermore, if you are in the market to look for something special that may not be offered in retail stores or boutiques, these events can sometimes have exclusive artists and designers who may have the perfect addition that you are looking for to add to your space.

Although attending these events for the purpose of seeking design inspiration can be overwhelming with the amount of exhibits that each event has to offer, but ff you are looking for interior design services in New York, it may be in your interest to contact a professional interior designer who is quite knowledgeable about the field, and can take inspiration from these design events to keep your space looking fresh and innovative.

If you have an interior design project in New York or Connecticut that requires some professional expertise, contact us today! We offer no obligations phone calls to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Stewart Schafer is an Interior and Architectural firm based in New York and Connecticut, click here to view some of our past projects and see how we can help.

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