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We are an innovative interdisciplinary architecture and interior design studio that creates thoughtful and timeless residential and commercial spaces in Westchester County, New York. Our expertly trained interior designers and their unique insights on interior design trends, flawless dedication to design practice, and experiential-based approach ensure that your ground-up new build, home renovation, or home extension projects—ranging from White Plains and Scarsdale to across Westchester County—is of highest quality and best value.

Led by highly trained interior designers, we offer unparalleled insights into interior design trends, coupled with a steadfast dedication to design practice and an experiential-based approach. This ensures that each aspect of your ground-up new build, home renovations, or home extension projects is meticulously planned and executed to deliver the utmost quality and value.

Our portfolio spans across Rye Brook, Port Chester, and sought-after locations throughout Westchester County, extending even to the bustling streets of New York City and the idyllic landscapes of Long Island. In Rye, NY, our interior design services shine, as we have successfully completed numerous residential spaces, each a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

From the initial concept to the final flourish, our team meticulously crafts each space, infusing luxurious materials, fine details, captivating wall colors, exquisite window treatments, and bespoke furniture to create a clean and modern aesthetic. Whether it's sculpting a welcoming living space, an inviting dining room, or any other area within the home, we possess the expertise to seamlessly blend visual concepts into layouts that not only meet functional needs but also exude a timeless signature style.

At our esteemed interior design firm, creativity flourishes, and our dedication to delivering modern, beautiful interiors and breathtaking residential spaces has positioned us among the top interior designer and residential architect companies in New York. It is our utmost goal to offer our clients a delightful experience, from inception to completion. We extend a warm invitation to consider our interior design services for your new home, renovation, or upcoming construction project, confident that together, we can bring your vision to life in stunning detail.

Our Philosophy

living room interior design in Southport Connecticut by Stewart-Schafer

We believe in a nonlinear approach to design that disrupts limitation and stirs imagination. (Read More)

We strive to create timeless and unique spaces in Rye that are purposeful and detail-oriented, and that perfectly balance function and beauty.

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Our Values

Timeless living room interior design by Stewart-Schafer

We take a people-first approach to our thoughtful, emotive work. (Read More)

Always at the forefront of our practice are the people with and for whom we are working.

What we do

Stewart-Schäfer is a New York and Connecticut-based architecture and interior design studio, serving Rye, that balances unique insight and progessive approach to create enduring value and timeless spaces.


Sharing an immense passion for design, we create timeless and unique architecture and interiors that bridge disciplines and transcend genres. We go above and beyond to ensure every space we complete is enriched with narrative, exudes beauty, and receives the utmost attention to detail. (Read More)

Elegant hallway design by Stewart-Schafer


Stewart-Schafer has been our trusted partner for over 3 years as we have worked together to build out our physical retail footprint in the United States. From conception through execution, Stewart-Schafer took the time to understand and infuse our brand and mission. As a result, they helped us rethink how we could deliver our premium brand experience in a new and innovative way

Tom Patterson

CEO and Co-founder
of Tommy John

Stewart-Schafer designed and built one of our most iconic stores in NYC. They managed to work in a difficult environment, kept costs in check, and delivered a stellar result... heartily recommended.

Jay Sternstein

Head of retail
Thom Browne

They completely understood our style, and translated that to every fixture, color choice, and design scheme. They stayed on budget and time, and in fact they were early with part of the process.

Lisa Hickey

Home owner
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