July 2023

Elle Decor

In Easton, in the state of Connecticut, we enter one of the dense forests that cover this land of the United States to discover an architectural gem with foundations from 1984 that has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Today, James Veal and Christine Stucker, creators of the Stewart-Schafer architecture and interior design studio, have turned this house into their home, adapting its entire interior to their style and tastes.On the outside, hidden among the foliage, you can see a cubist architecture project with clean volumes, without pretensions or ornamentation, where the authentic luxury resides in the imposing glass facades that turn to the landscape and with which a direct connection is achieved. between the virgin nature of the area and all its interiors.James Veal and Christine Stucker were clear that they had to renew the image of the interior to adapt it to the life of a modern family, but without losing at any time the soul and structural essence of this very eighties project. Of course, the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the common rooms are the protagonists along with the wood that covers the floors and other walls of the house. A wood treated in a honey color that, in addition to adding maximum comfort, unifies the style of the home and gives it chromatic unity. In addition, throughout their journey many pieces of furniture designed by them with the same slats appear.