January 2018

luxe Interior + Design

Partners In Crime

THE PIECES: Vik Chairs

THE DESIGNER: Stewart-Schafer

FIND THEM: stewart-schafer.com

THE INSPIRATION: Three trips to Iceland served as both the source (so many sheepskin hides!) and the impetus for the Vik chairs, the latest creation from multidisciplinary design rm Stewart-Schafer. The company’s principals, Christine Stucker and James Veal, had a midcentury shape in mind for the chairs, which were handmade in Brooklyn, New York, and they cleverly infused them with a very forward and funky approach that merges old and new.

Conceptualized and styled… Is the immediate vibe I get when considering Stewart-Schafer’s work. I could see them adding set design to their list of accomplishments, as there is an avant-garde quality even in their simplest pieces.

When our team is looking for seating… We look for beautiful lines that speak to us. This chair, in particular, feels like a “boudoir” bedroom kind of chair; though, I could also imagine it in a modern desert house looking out at a spectacular view through a giant window.

The Vik chairs… Also feel very 1960s to me, like a rock star with giant glasses and bell- bottomed jeans would definitely own this design.

For me, it’s all about… The juxtaposition of objects, so that each one gets a chance to either shine or support the others, like a beautifully patinated wood table against a sleek simple sofa, or, in this case, a design made from a sleek, single curve of steel melded with fluffy, organic fur. The balance just works.