February 2024

Elle Decoration

Create their forever home that reflects their personality. There are places that we imagine have always existed. This is the case of this beautiful residence located in the chic neighborhood of Southport in Connecticut. Here, in this small coastal town, many of the houses evoke the history of the United States. That of Jordan and Alexander Mimran is one of them. The building, built in 1809, is colonial style and extends over three levels. Perfect to accommodate the couple and their three young children. But if the historical charm operates, it is nevertheless necessary to plan heavy work to make the spaces more functional and to adapt them to the tastes of the new owners. A mission entrusted to the Stewart-Schäfer design studio. The project ? Create a “feeling of timelessness and sophistication” as stated by James and Christine at the head of the studio. We then keep the spirit of the old to add more recent codes. And it starts with a complete renovation. Walls fall when others go up. Spaces open up, functions are reinvented. The house is also anchored on the garden. Large bay windows replace some old windows. The boundary between outside and inside is becoming more refined. We change almost everything. Almost all that remains of the original house are the stair rails and beams.

A FAMILY HOME WITH SOOTHED DECORATION Start from a blank page. However, the couple wants a decor reminiscent of the “Old Continent” as they like to emphasize. So, we bring back authenticity, charm and vintage. We play with materials. Wood comes in different species. Here, a blonde tone, further on a darker, almost burnt tone. Next to it, an intermediate honey tone used on rattan furniture. Then there is marble. White, softened, subtly veined, it adorns floors as well as worktops. Materials that complement each other, contrast each other, respond to each other. They are enhanced with aged brass or black for sophisticated finishes. But so that the modern meets the old, we also venture into mixing pieces of furniture from different periods while creating a common thread: this will be the neutral chromatic palette. Nothing exuberant then. Above all, we seek the charm and nostalgia of a family home linked to the present. Dusted off and made more current, it offers a new lease of life while respecting its history.

THE ENTRANCE The entrance has been restructured and redesigned to make it a family “mudroom”, as the Anglo-Saxons say. It is now surfing on the nostalgic side with its newly created black and white decor which brings brightness and personality. Added to this is a play of vertical lines between the striped wallpaper and the full-height storage. This stretches the room, making it forget its corridor appearance.

THE FIRST SHOW If, as in the entrance, this living room is presented in shades of black and white, the atmosphere is less graphic. The chic and timeless combo is combined here with designer furniture to create contrasts. Duality of styles (between old and contemporary) and shapes (strict lines and plump shapes) then instill the eclecticism and sophistication desired by the couple. A dichotomy that takes place around the structural chimney. On one side dark shades which bring rigor, on the other light shades to warm and soften the premises.

THE SECOND LIVING ROOM This second living room can be more cozy. The scenography incorporates notes of brown in order to bring inside the nature visible from the numerous windows. Once again, the modern lines, like those of the coffee table or the fine soliflores, collide with the more enveloping lines of vintage and iconic furniture. A relaxed atmosphere that warms up with dark wood, wool and velvet.

THE KITCHEN The minimalist kitchen has been completely gutted and opened up. Now, freed from its walls, it gains in space and functionality. A large full-height module accommodates the new cooking zone. A monolithic wooded and marbled block visually isolates it from the living room while connecting it to it. In front, an XXL central island serves as a bar.

THE DINING ROOM The dining area offers a more serious face. Straight lines have taken over, creating a more serious decor. Even the chandelier in the dining room shines with the rigor of its graphics. The autumnal shades reinforce this radical and chic atmosphere at the same time.

THE OFFICE A completely different face emerges from this office. The large wingback chair takes us back to a distant era. Upholstered in white, it offers a more current revisit without losing any of the nostalgia it exudes. It goes perfectly with the discreet work table. Perched on thin wooden trestles combined with a glass top, it gains in lightness and personality. Ancient and modern meet.

A CHILD'S BEDROOM Made up of two single beds, this child's bedroom seems to be just waiting for the arrival of Mary Poppins. In false symmetry, each bed takes place in front of a window. With their headboards, neither the view nor the light are obstructed. Between the two, there is a shared nightstand. This saves space and facilitates circulation. Finally, golden notes of saffron and mustard brighten up the gray and white decor.

A SECOND BEDROOM Unlike the majority of other rooms which remained white, here the choice was made of patterned paper to cover all of the walls. Its stylized plant motif is reminiscent of the texture of natural fiber furniture or the woodwork on the bed frame. A more rural atmosphere reminiscent of childhood emanates from this room with its family home feel.

ONE OF THE BATHROOMS It is in a cozy nook that the masterful free-standing bathtub is installed. Here again, little room for color. White takes precedence. Only coppery and woody notes awaken the sweetness of the place. They bring elegance and chic to this bathroom designed like a minimalist boudoir.

THE BASIN CABINET Opposite the bathtub, a vanity unit redistributes the codes of the project. Black and white. Curves and straight lines. Warm and cold materials. Dualities punctuated by golden accents. Everything is covered here.