8 Small Design Upgrades For a More Luxurious Kitchen

8 Small Design Upgrades For a More Luxurious Kitchen

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It's always the little things that go the longest way, especially when it comes to your home design.

In fact, there are so many kitchen design ideas floating around, it can be hard to choose what small kitchen remodel you want to implement in your own space.

Your custom kitchen design can be easy and cost-effective when done correctly. If you've been asking yourself, "How can I design my own kitchen?" and "How much does a custom kitchen cost?", here are a few low-cost things you can DIY in your kitchen.

Upgrade your cabinetry hardware

Start off with the extra small stuff.

When it comes to custom kitchen designs, small details like upgrading your cabinetry hardware can make the biggest difference.

When it comes to cabinetry hardware, ensure that everything matches in style, color, and finish. There are many types of kitchen cabinetry hardware (knobs, handles or bin pulls) that come in different finishes (chrome, matte, metallic) and in a variety of colors.

Choose a particular style, finish, and color that suits your overall kitchen design aesthetic.

A great way to go into the project of upgrading your kitchen hardware is to research the styles you like and create a mood board. Doing this will organize your ideas and visually represent them so that you don't accidentally stray into a design that you don't want.

Pro Tip: Mix and match styles by adding one style of hardware to upper cabinets and shaker cabinets, and a different style of hardware to lower cabinets.

Replace cabinet doors

As one of the biggest elements in the space, your kitchen cabinets are going to pull focus.

Don't be daunted by this—use it to your advantage.

Go for a monochromatic neutral look with white cabinets and a kitchen counter. White cabinetry in an all-white kitchen gives off a clean, classic kitchen look that is timeless and absolutely irresistible.

If that isn't your vibe, go for dark wood cabinets. Black and espresso brown cabinets give off a mysterious, moody feel that can elevate any space.

But you don't have to limit yourself to neutrals. Dark wood cabinets can also mean dark greens, teals, and even red custom cabinetry, creating an eclectic look.

Pro Tip: If replacing your kitchen cabinets just isn't in your budget, never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint to your custom cabinetry.

Change your lighting

Upgrading lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve a room's ambiance and overall feel.

While plenty of natural light is always preferable in a space, this isn't always achievable due to the orientation and design of many homes.

If your custom kitchen is feeling a little stale due to unflattering overhead lighting, try changing the vibe with a chandelier or a pendant light. While chandeliers give off a more glamorous look and feel, a pendant light setup is a bit more modern and tasteful for a contemporary kitchen.

Pro Tip: These additions will help brighten your kitchen as well as insert some of your own personality and style into your space.

Reduce clutter

Kitchens are prone to being a catchall space in the home.

It is easy for piles to form on countertops and for appliances—especially small appliances—to be left out in the open instead of in their designated spaces.

Think practically about the items you choose to leave on your surfaces. Ask yourself questions such as: "Does this get used often enough?" and "Is this item a part of my daily routine?"

If the answer is no, optimize your space by either decluttering the item or putting it away to clear up valuable countertop space.

Pro Tip: Be diligent about daily cleanups to reduce the amount of clutter on countertops.

stunning interior kitchen design

Opt for an open shelving design

Open shelves is trending in custom kitchen design for a reason.

This is because it is one of the best design elements a designer can implement to prioritize and promote ease-of-use and functionality in a space, all while keeping it balanced.

If your upper cabinets aren't serving you the way you want them to, consider removing them and replacing them with open shelves. This kitchen remodel idea is simple, cost-effective, and instantly gratifying.

You can get creative with this kitchen remodel, too. If plain open shelving isn't your style, try incorporating live-edge shelving, colorful shelving, hanging shelving, or alternative shelving to make your custom kitchen extra unique.

Add functional pieces.

Your kitchen should be a place of serenity.

Everything you put into it should make sense with your lifestyle and add to your overall well-being.

Need some extra storage and counter space? Add a rolling center island. A center island (also known as a kitchen island) can also double as a dining area when you add bar stools/dining chairs. When carefully selected to fit your kitchen's aesthetic, bar stools are a great way to bring in design elements of texture and warmth.

Pro Tip: Other functional pieces you can add to your custom kitchen including bar carts, coffee carts, and more.

Stainless steel appliances

High-quality stainless steel appliances make your kitchen look more chic and will save you money.

Instead of spending on cheaper items that will eventually break and get tossed in the trash, consider spending a bit more on stainless steel appliances that will last.

Stainless steel appliances don't always have to be expensive, unattainable items. In fact, plenty of stainless steel appliances are affordable pieces that get used on a daily basis. Plus, stainless steel appliances are aesthetically pleasing and timeless so you never have to worry about them going out of style.

Pro Tip: Stainless steel appliances are durable and resistant to scratches, but watch out for smudges!

Don't neglect your sink

Think of your kitchen sink as a statement piece in your custom kitchen.

While a farmhouse sink is a lovely way to pull focus and wash larger items, there are ways that you can simply elevate whatever you already have.

Upgrading your faucet, range hood, and over-the-sink shelving are all simple ways to make your kitchen a great room.

Pro Tip: Keep your sink sparkling for a dazzling effect.

The truth about custom kitchen designs

Not every kitchen is a perfect kitchen.

You won't find a farmhouse sink, exposed wood beams, hanging pot racks, and granite countertops everywhere you go. However, every kitchen can be a lovely kitchen when you complete a few upgrades in a simple kitchen remodel.

Your dream kitchen design is just a few projects away. Planning exactly what you want and potentially working with a professional to achieve your goal is the fun part!

Contact us to discuss your kitchen design project today.

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