Get Inspired By The Interior Design of these 4 Connecticut Homes

Get Inspired By The Interior Design of these 4 Connecticut Homes

Taking inspiration from the world—our home—around us.

As interior designers and architects in Connecticut, we are always looking for new inspiration for residential and commercial interiors. While we always put a distinct and meaningful sense to our interior design projects, it is essential for us to keep up with the world around us and see where the world of modern interiors is heading. One of the best ways to do this is simply keeping up with interior design services and stunning residential spaces in our own city.

We love finding luxurious transitional home interiors in residential and commercial spaces that really exemplify what we value as interior designers in Connecticut: clean and modern infusion, fresh and modern perspective, and signature style in bespoke interiors.

Here are some beautiful homes in the Connecticut interior design scene that we gather inspiration from and deeply appreciate as interior designers.

Brooks & Falotico Home in New Canaan

Sophisticated living, at its finest.

Top Connecticut Home Designs - Brooks & Falotico Home in New Canaan

This beautiful home is everything we love as interior designers about Connecticut interior design as it uses luxurious materials to create spaces that welcomes and warms people the second they step through the front door.

It is chic and stylish in the simplest of ways. This modern estate features a neutral palette throughout the entire house, but  brings in subtle warm tones with the inclusion of wood accents.

This contemporary design places heavy emphasis on home organization and clean, glossy surfaces, giving it its extra-modern appeal. Tying in accents of faux white leather and abstract art pieces, this home perfectly caters to the client's lifestyle in functional spaces while remaining highly refined.

Litchfield Home

Perfect for everyday or a countryside getaway.

Litchfield Home Design in Connecticut - Bedroom view

In contrast to the New Canaan home, the Litchfield home uses a direct, vibrant warm color palette to invite people in to make themselves at home.

This stunning home, which backs onto beautiful views of the countryside, makes the transition from the outdoors absolutely seamless with the warm neutral color palette as well as the natural materials and textures used throughout the home.

In this way, the interior designers that designed this home truly took into consideration the fine details that really pulled together this home's trademark style.

Gil Schafer Home

A stone exterior with a soft, airy interior design.

Gil Schafer home in Connecticut - Bathroom Design with Tub

The Gil Schafer home is similar to the Litchfield Home, but with a few subtle, but pointed, differences. Though they both feature warm neutral color palettes and natural textures and materials, the Gil Schafer Home leans toward softer touches in its contemporary design.

From the perspective of professional interior designers in Connecticut, the Gil Schafer home is approached with lighter hues and materials, creating sophisticated living spaces that almost borders the bohemian, forest-like style.

The Glass House

Iconic and innovative.

The Glass House- Connecticut Home Designs

The Glass House isn't just a stunning home. Over the years it has turned into a monument that can be appreciated by interior designers everywhere.

Standing at 55 feet long and 33 feet wide, with 1,815 square feet, all four walls of the house is made out of glass that opens out onto a beautiful green and foresty landscape. It is appreciated so deeply by interior designers due to its clean and modern infusion of international style into American architecture.

It does this with its open, a loft-style layout that features certain key elements that indicate space usage or "rooms." For example, a rug is used to indicate the living area, while a table with seating indicates the dining area.  All furniture is in high contrast with each other and the transparent walls around them, creating high levels of visual interest and continuing its fresh and modern perspective.

You can explore the Glass House here or visit it in person.


Why we love Connecticut interior design

It's not just city pride.

As an interior design firm that aims to bring a home to life and create luxurious yet approachable spaces, we find that Connecticut interior design services are doing just that. The people crafting bespoke interiors are Connecticut interior design and architectural design services, and this is the vision for the future of interior design that we subscribe to.

Residential projects from a York City apartment to Connecticut cottages can all benefit and be elevated by the timeless interior design services that we provide. From custom furniture made to fit your trademark style to commercial interiors that perfectly represent your brand, we can help you. With over 20 years of experience as interior designers running our professional interior design firm, you can trust our interior designers to create a Connecticut interior that you'll fall in love with.

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