How to Create a Chic & Functional Home Office Setup.

How to Create a Chic & Functional Home Office Setup.

Clean and bright home office design

As the pandemic continues to ravage on, working from home is now the new normal. Our home towns of Connecticut and New York have taken a big hit and remote work has become the new norm. A traditional office setting is becoming a relic of the past, with several large tech companies permanently switching to teleworking for the foreseeable future.

Though we can’t control the stress that comes with the Covid pandemic, we can take charge of our at-home work environment with thoughtful interior design.

Whether you’re freelancing or running a Fortune 500 company, everyone needs a dedicated place to be productive and think. A clutter-free, functional, and design-focused setup is paramount when it comes to enhancing creative thinking and mood-boosting vibes. As an interior design and architecture firm, our goal is to provide innovative, forward-thinking design solutions for our clients that add immense value to their homes. We started out as commercial interior architects in New York, which helped us look at residential design problems from a unique perspective, pushing to release the most value out of our project. When it comes to home office interior design, you don't need to spend a fortune to make a big impact and add value to your working life. Our work from home setup is breezy, stylish, minimal and functional - and we’re here to show you how to achieve purpose-driven design for your own home office.

When considering the interior design of your office, one of the most important elements to integrate into your work from home setup is natural light and fresh air, if possible. Natural light has been scientifically proven to boost creativity and increase engagement at work. Place your desk perpendicular to the window to let in natural light without straining your eyes from the glare of the computer screen. This will allow you to reap the benefits of natural light without being distracted from looking out the window. If natural light isn't available be sure to select a good artificial light, with a high color rendering index (CRI).

Like any office, your work from home space has to be a place where you want to be, and where you feel comfortable and inspired. This is achieved through clever interior design, addressing storage and clutter. It must be an organized area where you will have all of the necessary tools at your disposal to do your best work. A clean setup with storage will allow you to focus and will save time when locating items. When we design homes (particularly kitchens) for our clients, we plan and design the layout and place accessible storage in an organized, intuitive way. As interior designers, we study how our clients live and how they use the rooms in their homes. Similar to when designing a home office, you must take inventory of your most-used items and plan for storage solutions that best optimize your things. Having your documents and items stored in an accessible, labeled, and organized manner is a huge time saver - you want to enable systems to prevent the build up of clutter.

To maximize space and enhance functionality in a smaller home office setup, minimalist furniture and decluttering is key. In the world of interior design we believe less is more, and this is crucial in an office setting where you need to focus. Light colors on the walls will open up and breathe life into the space, and clean lines against a soft neutral palette lend a Scandinavian sense of tranquility. In addition to designing commercial interiors and working with clients on residential interior design, we are modern furniture designers and have a holistic approach to creating furnishings and objects. When sourcing furnishings for projects, we take into account the quality of the piece and its timeless appeal. Furniture and the interior design aesthetic of a space must live in harmony. Two of our must-have splurges for our home office is a good ergonomic high-quality chair and an adjustable standing desk. Add personalization to your space with low-maintenance plants, artwork, and treasured mementos from your travels.

Making the most of your work from home space is crucial not just to productivity but for your mental health and well-being. Plan your breaks around family time and make sure you have healthy snacks and water within reach to avoid the mid-afternoon energy dip. A stylish, purposefully-designed space will get your creative juices flowing and set you up for success in all aspects of your life.

Our must-have items for a well-designed home office:

A sleek, minimalist desk with storage is a must for your home office. We love the Edel Table from Design Within Reach - it’s chic, functional, and can be easily integrated in any type of interior setting and design aesthetic. The desk features an internal charger that keeps your cords tucked away, which is perfect for minimizing clutter and wires.

Edel Table

Comfort is key when selecting a desk chair, since it will be one of your most-used items. A chair that fuses luxurious comfort with timeless design is essential in creating a chic and functional workspace. Herman Miller’s Eames soft pad chair offers lumbar support and is super comfortable. It is a classic design that will never go out of style.

Eames office chair in black

If you can fit a conference table in your home office, we highly recommend these stylish CB2 chairs to go around the table. The architectural elements of the chairs add a contemporary flair to your space, and the mohair fabric offers a luxe texture that really elevates the room.

Cb2 beige chair

As an interior design company, we know that lighting can really make or break any space, whether it’s a masterful kitchen renovation or a small reading nook. We love a good industrial office light with a modern twist. The aura light available at Matter Matters is a great example of how you can take a fluorescent light and still make it look artistic. Lighting doesn’t have to just be for utility - it’s a fun way to add character and boldness to your home office.

Aura light

A clutter-free office can enhance productivity, save time, reduce stress, and allow you to enjoy being in your space. An open shelf unit in the office will not only store paperwork and office supplies, but you can curate it with objects to add a personal touch. We love the Holmes bookshelf from Burke Decor - it’s stylish, minimalist, and goes well in any interior setting. Storage doesn’t have to be boring and isn’t limited to filing cabinets and folders. West Elm’s woven baskets are the perfect blend of functional and chic and adds character to your space.

Wooden book shelf

As a professional interior design firm, we guide our clients through the interior design process and encourage them to invest in high-quality pieces. Get creative with your home office and invest in a rug that frames your work space. Armadillo’s Nest Rug is not only a timeless design, but it’s very easy to clean versus a wool rug that will shed and require more vacuuming. The jute material offers a contemporary yet beautifully simplistic look to your office. A great rug can add a lot of texture to a space, and can dramatically elevate the look and feel of a room.

Wooden seating bench

A couch is a nice way to incorporate additional seating when you have client meetings, or if you simply want a place to lounge and relax during the work day. With a fixed back and no pillows, the Arc Sofa from TRNK is easy to integrate and small-space friendly. It’s architectural design is elegant and contemporary, without compromising on comfort. It sets the tone for the space, and the neutral palette fuses serenity and style, which is very important when selecting pieces for your home office.  

Arc sofa in grey

Artwork can easily transform any space, and it is a must-have for your home office. We like mixing styles and mediums when selecting art, and it’s a great way to show off your unique personality. The most important thing is to choose pieces that you love and what speaks to you. Tappan Collective offers a fantastic array of pieces for any budget, from photographs to paintings, and limited-edition prints. We like to incorporate art with neutral or contrasting colors for a curated and sophisticated look that makes a statement and enhances the space. We also love to use mirrors when decorating, as they add depth and visual interest to a room. The Adent Wall Mirror from Gubi is a great piece that doubles as artwork, and looks stunning in any setting.  

Tappan art in black and white

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