How to Remodel a Kitchen on Any Budget.

How to Remodel a Kitchen on Any Budget.

A kitchen remodel can be a big commitment with both time and money. However the results can be wonderful, long-lasting, and add immense value to your home. Most people spend a majority of their day in the kitchen and dining area, even if you’re not an avid chef or hosting weekly dinner parties. We believe that the kitchen is the soul of any home. Food offers comfort and brings people together, and we both love to share a delicious meal at the kitchen table at the end of each day. We advise our clients to not skimp on necessary kitchen renovations, particularly if it has the potential to add value to their property. The average kitchen renovation can range quite dramatically in price, depending on the level of finish, materials, and fixtures used. Through our clever residential interior design solutions and innovative ideas, we always strive to release value and stay within our client’s budget. Even the tightest budgets can produce creative results that greatly elevate the interior design of your home.  

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When it comes to residential interior design - specifically kitchen design, there are a lot of different tricks you can do to make a big impact in an inexpensive way. Simplifying everything is key. Hide as much clutter as possible through storage solutions that blend design and functionality.

One of the most important things we suggest is to make sure that you are prepared prior to starting a kitchen design and renovation. Start your kitchen renovation project by creating an inspiration board. Pinterest is a great tool that you can use to pull together images that will set the tone of the project. Keep the furniture and interior design simple with no more than 3-4 color texts, and hints of accent colors and materials. Decide on the look and feel of your home before you begin selecting materials, hardware, and paint. We’re partial to clean, minimal lines and a Scandinavian-inspired design aesthetic that highlights the room’s luxe materials.

As residential interior designers, one of the biggest questions we get asked is how to update your kitchen without having to hire a contractor or spend a lot of money. You can definitely achieve a really big impact by painting your cabinets, which will instantly update the look and feel of the entire room. A light colored paint will modernize your outdated cabinets and create a fresh look. We highly recommend sanding the surface of the cabinets and using a good quality primer. A foam roller will allow you to get a smooth finish on the cabinets, so the paint looks professional and clean. However, if painting is not your thing, you can also achieve a contemporary look and update your kitchen design by removing the cabinet doors to allow for open shelving units. Decorating the exposed shelves with items from your travels is a unique way to add personality to your kitchen. We also recommend changing your cabinet’s hardware, which is an inexpensive way to ensure a high-end look that stays within a budget. While beautiful design is great, having a functional kitchen should be integral to your design. If you are using existing cabinets (rather than replacing them) look online for organizers that can work with your current cabinets and drawers.

Refreshing your backsplash is another clever way to update your kitchen without spending a fortune. Tile is a relatively inexpensive backsplash option, and you can get creative with the pattern to add your unique design aesthetic and let your personality shine. When selecting someone to install your tile (if you decide not to DIY), make sure that they are experienced. Don’t go for the cheapest quote you recieve, but instead spend the time to find someone that does good work and who has a lot of experience installing tile. An unprofessional installation can make your kitchen look cheap and diminish the effect of the overall look.

Tile or linoleum flooring can really make your kitchen look outdated and stuck in the past. In our residential design work, we guide our clients to take worthwhile risks that will pay off.  Don’t be afraid to replace old, dated floors with vinyl tile, plywood plank, or even paint old wood floors. It may sound like a big task, but it is very doable if you decide to DIY. A tile with a creative pattern can have a major impact in your kitchen and can transform your 1980s kitchen into a modern oasis - perfect for entertaining and cooking!

Lighting is crucial to elevating your kitchen design in terms of visual interest and functionality. Though natural lighting in the kitchen provides a beautiful sense of warmth (which is great when cooking and eating), a stunning light fixture can really make a gorgeous statement and add a super contemporary vibe to your space.

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Make your kitchen truly stand out through high quality materials and stone. If you’re looking for a stone top, be sure to visit your local stone fabricators. We’ve discovered that oftentimes marble manufacturers have a lot of stone left over from previous projects that they are able to sell cheaper. If you’re looking for materials on a budget, you can ask them if they have any off cuts that they could sell to you for cheaper. Your local stone fabricators will likely have materials that break the mold from traditional stones found in big box chain stores.

We have spent decades designing residential and commercial spaces, and one of the major requests we’ve received from clients is how to achieve an overall design that blends elegance with usability. When we work on residential interior design projects, we try to understand our client’s needs and how they live and operate on a day to day basis. This is a must when designing and organizing your own kitchen. Think about the elements in your kitchen that you use on a daily basis, and organize them in a way that makes them accessible - especially when you are cooking and cleaning. For example, be sure to place your cooking tools in an accessible place so you’re not frantically searching for items with food sizzling on a hot stove. Keeping things streamlined will save you so much time and energy when performing daily tasks.

Having a beautifully designed kitchen that evokes charm, functionality, and most importantly showcases your own personal design aesthetic, will not only add value but will be a special place where you and your family can create lasting memories.

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