Should I Use Online or Mobile Apps to Design My Kitchen?

Should I Use Online or Mobile Apps to Design My Kitchen?


  • Online and mobile apps have become extremely popular for those looking to make kitchen upgrades within their home
  • These platforms offer users easy-to-use features such as 3D modelling and space planning but lack individuality in the designs
  • Online and mobile platforms offer clients convenience within the kitchen design but can potentially compromise the residential project by failing to address complex designs
  • Hiring an interior design architect or interior design firm should not be overlooked as they offer expertise tailored to functional kitchen design
  • Advancements in technology now allow designers to integrate virtual components into their profession, ensuring a detailed balance between client convenience and tailored spaces
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With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, we have more online platforms to aid with design than ever before. From AI-creating house design layouts to online and mobile apps assisting in space planning, using these platforms has become extremely popular, especially for those looking to DIY their kitchen space. As kitchens are typically the central hub of the home, many people are looking to have this space revamped in one way or another. However, with all of the technology available at our fingertips, the question is: should you use online or mobile apps to design your kitchen versus hiring an interior design company? This answer may vary from person to person. Continue reading to learn more.

Design Apps for Interior Design Services

As digital design platforms have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, many users have found merit in using these platforms to help them visualize their dream kitchens. However, while these apps may be a great starting point in the design process for many people, it is worth further exploring the role of design platforms within the world of interior design.

Online and mobile apps within the realm of interior design are digital platforms which are accessed through computers, tablets and mobile phones, which help users when designing their dream space. Typically, these apps have a wide range of features to use, which may include pre-set templates of specific residential spaces and the ability for 3D modeling. Beyond this, these platforms may offer users the ability to change the color schemes in a space, change and view specific building materials and experiment with different layouts. The majority of these digital platforms are designed to be user friendly which is a bonus for those looking for design inspiration.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Digital Design Platforms in Place of an Interior Design Company

The rise of online design platforms offers users many benefits when creating their kitchen spaces. If designing a small kitchen space, such as in an apartment, it can offer users the ability to quickly and efficiently design a kitchen that works for them with a few simple clicks. These platforms also help users with space planning, recommendations on the style of fixtures and fittings that will look best within the space and provide users with a virtual library of colors and textures. As well, many of these platforms often include budgeting tools for the project, which is helpful to ensure the project stays on track and the client has an idea as to how much their kitchen design will cost. However, as the ease and variety of these apps can be a very valuable resource for many users, it is important to remember that they may also come with their drawbacks.

A major drawback when using these online tools for designing a kitchen is the quality of the final product. Although these apps may cost less as compared to hiring interior designers, the outcome and quality of the kitchen project may be compromised, as it is missing the personalization that designers offer. The lack of personalization and individuality is a factor which must be heavily considered when designing a kitchen, as kitchens are a space which thrives off of creativity and good design flow. Another downfall of using online design apps is their inability to address and fix complex design and construction challenges that may occur within the kitchen space. As designing kitchens require a high level of critical thinking (ie. to create an efficient workflow and maximize storage requirements), the design apps may not be advanced enough to address these complexities. The result could be an impractical or poorly designed kitchen, with faults that may not be highlighted. This could cause a bigger investment required to fix the problem than originally anticipated.

Technology and Interior Design Architects Within Kitchen Design

For those who value good design and are looking for professional help when it comes to designing custom homes, many people turn to interior design architects. With a specialization in project management, spatial layout and modern interior design principles led by a principal designer, interior design architects are experts in crafting visually stunning yet functional homes while incorporating an eclectic mix of the homeowner's personality.

Choosing to hire an interior design architect has many advantages for clients, including their expertise in spatial planning and design layout. With kitchen design specifically, these designers are experts in incorporating architectural design elements which will elevate the space into a one-of-a-kind culinary dream. Another benefit to utilizing the help of an interior design architect is the personal and collaborative process with the client, which is something that is lacking when using an online or mobile app. Regardless of the project type, these professionals work with the client every step of the way to bring their vision to life, utilizing a mix of client input and professional expertise.

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Although there are many one-of-a-kind benefits to using the services of an interior design architect, some clients may be hesitant to reach out to them in fear of the price the investment may cost them. However, it is important to know that although investing in an interior design architect may be a bigger financial investment than using an online service or mobile app, the value and individuality they will add will be worth it. Many people may also be swayed from using professional services for their kitchen design as they think that using an online platform will be more convenient as everything is virtual; however, as technology advances, so does the efficiency of the designers. Award-winning designers are now shifting to remote consultations which typically include virtually viewing a space, measuring the space and designing the space, all done remotely. Ultimately, designers are now able to harness technology and use it to their advantage, while still providing a seamless user experience and collaboration process for the client.

Overall, with the advancements in technology, many people are turning to online or digital apps to help with their kitchen design. While this may be beneficial in some scenarios, the outcome of your kitchen design will almost always be a lesser standard than it would by hiring an interior design architect. Presently, interior design architects are harnessing the power of technology and incorporating it into the overall design process, allowing clients to utilize technology while still gaining the interpersonal connections which are built when working together. Ultimately, the decision to use online or mobile apps versus an interior design architect comes down to the client. They must consider how much they value a well-thought-out design and if having a substantial return on their investment is a priority.

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