Stewart-Schäfer: New York & Connecticut Interior Designers

Stewart-Schäfer: New York & Connecticut Interior Designers

If you are new to Stewart-Schäfer, then welcome. Stewart-Schäfer is a full service interior design company with a global reach and experience in the interior design industry. We believe that every space has its own character – something that resonates with you personally. That is why we strive to create and bring out the best in your spaces so that everything from texture, color, and furniture layout come together harmoniously.

Who Is Stewart-Schäfer?

Stewart-Schäfer consists of the creative pair Christine Stucker and James Veal. The pair founded Stewart-Schäfer in 2009 out of a creative desire to transform people's lives, and they have never looked back since. They have been extremely influential in the interior design industry, creating both commercial interiors and countless residential spaces that are luxurious yet approachable spaces. Whether you are looking to revamp your vacation estate, add more personal touches to your space, or would like to start designing your home from scratch using a clean and modern infusion blend of styles, these Connecticut interior designers will be able to create the space of your dreams.

Black and white editorial photoshoot of Christine Stucker and James Veal.

Who Are Christine and James?

The first half to Stewart-Schäfer is principal designer, Christine Stucker. Born a true creative, Christine has always had a desire to design and create with a keen eye for detail, while her biggest motivation has always been to create things that people love. Christine also brings a wealth of knowledge and a creative edge to Stewart-Schäfer; with a corporate background in the design world, Christine is experienced in truly understanding the needs of her client's which can be attributed to the overall success of Stewart-Schäfer.

Prior to co-founding Stewart-Schäfer, Christine had an extremely successful career in the design world which brings a unique asset to Stewart-Schäfer. Previously, Christine was the Visual Producer for a high end men's designer clothing store, helping them design and create visually striking boutiques across the country. Christine was then responsible for managing an upscale design gallery, where she went on to be the Visual Director for a luxury women's clothing brand. Using all of her knowledge and expertise from these experiences propelled Christine to co-launch Stewart-Schäfer, where she could focus on channeling her creativity and keen eye for design into creating meaningful and beautiful spaces for her clients. All of these experiences have shaped Christine into the designer she is today, also lending to the incredible expertise she has in regards to interior design, personalized choices and custom furniture designs within the interior design space.

The second half to Stewart-Schäfer is James Veal. Prior to Stewart-Schäfer, James had a successful career in production and set design for various high-profile photoshoots. James has always had an entrepreneurial and creative spirit which has lended well to the creation of Stewart-Schäfer. Always forward thinking and tapping into what exactly the needs of his client's are, James has always had the ability to think outside of the box and of every last detail to ensure success wherever he goes.

Lending his hand to a job within the corporate world only reaffirmed what he already knew: he needed and wanted to work for himself. While working in the corporate world, James had seen numerous co-workers dedicate their entire life to the company, only to be presented with a small, meaningless token of gratitude from the company. It was then his decision was solidified: he wanted to work towards his own future and do meaningful work. All of James' experience has proved instrumental to Stewart-Schäfer, as he has helped successfully build something that is truly incredible.

How Did the Stewart-Schäfer Interior Design Firm Come to be?

Together, Christine and James are unstoppable. The pair met at a barbecue hosted by a mutual friend in 2010,, and the rest is history. Christine had recently left her corporate job, and was looking for a change of pace and lifestyle. It was then the couple decided to move to Germany, where Christine was picking up freelancing work while traveling. It was during this time that they decided to work for themselves, and begin a career in providing interior design services to companies around the world. Christine used her creativity to create stunning residential spaces for their clients (including designing custom furniture and custom lighting) while James used his entrepreneurial skills and focused on the business side of the company to ensure things ran smoothly.

The pair began to gain momentum in the retail and fashion world, and they soon found themselves signing with big time firms and large commercial projects. After working with commercial spaces, they soon realized that their true passion lies within residential projects, as they can truly create something beautiful based off of their client's lifestyle using modern interiors and luxurious materials. The duo have never looked back since and are now leading the Connecticut interior design scene and the interior design scene around the world, providing unmatched contemporary homes and a keen eye for those fine details.

Where Does the Name Stewart-Schäfer Come From?

A frequent question often asked is where the name Stewart-Schäfer comes from. Names are an important part of any business, therefore Christine and James wanted a strong name with meaning, and landed on Stewart-Schäfer: 'Stewart' being James' middle name, and 'Schäfer' being the maiden name of Christine's grandmother. The name has meaning, is distinctly timeless and reflects their modern yet simple interior design aesthetic.

Black and white closeup of Christine Stucker and James Veal.

What Makes Stewart-Schäfer Interior Design Services Different?

If you were to ask Christine and James what makes Stewart-Schäfer stand out from other interior design firms, they would say: the edge their non-traditional path gives them, as it has propelled them to success and has given them an advantage in their interior design services as they do not follow a defined creative process. By working together, Christine brings an award winning designer eye and artistic spirit to the team, while James brings his entrepreneurial and creative edge. When working with Stewart-Schäfer, everything is custom designed with functionality in mind, meaning that you will truly have a space that is unique to you and your lifestyle.

The Stewart-Schäfer team strives to create distinctly classic and unique designs that help every home become its own. Using Christine and James' global perspective and love for creating sophisticated yet functional spaces, their biggest motivation is to create things which people love, as they believe each individual's space should be a reflection of themselves and their families; something special and truly tailored to their lifestyle. The duo’s commitment to their work and passion for providing quality services is unmatched; it truly sets them apart from the rest in the interior design industry. Each project is treated as if it were their own, and all clients become part of the Stewart-Schäfer family. If you would like to know more about us or our projects, please contact us today.

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