The Top 8 Best Home Decor Stores in Connecticut

The Top 8 Best Home Decor Stores in Connecticut

home decor store in Connecticut

Decorating a home requires a lot of work and preparation. From mundane tasks like measuring room dimensions, to more creative tasks like colour palette selection, decorating a space is certainly not just a walk in the park given how personalized the work is.

There are many different types of residential interior design, and certain design styles may work better with certain types of housing, but creating a residential interior that suits the needs of your lifestyle while still having a stylish finish is the ideal choice for many.

But this all starts with choosing the right home decor to make a room stand out. Depending on how you start, you may have more flexibility with what you can design in a room.

If you are starting off with an empty room, the design possibilities are endless as this is a blank canvas with a lot of untapped potential that could be utilized. However, if you are only hoping to make thoughtful additions to an already decorated room, it still emphasizes the importance of choosing the best decorations in order to elevate the overall appearance of a space.

At Stewart-Schafer, we are experts in interior design that provide our design services in New York & Connecticut. As design experts, we understand the importance of choosing the best home decor items to amplify the design potential of a space, while also making it unique. We know how crucial it is to make living spaces stylish, as creating beautifully decorated rooms can have the potential to make individuals feel satisfied in the space they live in.

For the people who have been hoping to do some decorating to create their dream homes, this is a must-read for you! In this blog, we will explore some of the best home decor stores in Connecticut, as there are some stand-out stores that can only be found in this area.

Connecticut's Finest Residential Interior Design Stores

As everyone has different taste when it comes to style and decor, you will be delighted to know that these design stores in Connecticut cater to many different style palettes. Whether you are into rustic designs or if you are into modern and contemporary designs, these stores either specialize in a particular design style, or they offer many different items and accessories that will appeal to every design enthusiast.

Here are some of our picks, which includes eight home decor stores that are located exclusively in Connecticut.


With furniture pieces and accessories that are scouted exclusively in Europe and the Middle East, Bungalow has many unique items that you may likely not be able to find anywhere else domestically. From shearling cushions to cashmere throws, this store has many offerings that are particularly luxurious for those who may have an eye for the finer things. Upon entering this boutique, you will feel as if you are transported into a bazaar with the beautiful curation of items that are available.

Connecticut Home Interiors

Being in business for 80 years, Connecticut Home Interiors specializes in carrying well-made furniture brands such as Baker and Century to name a few. The offerings of this store particularly focuses on American-made furnishings which are hand-crafted. However, the store does also offer furnishings from international suppliers for a touch of variety. Connecticut Home Interiors takes pride in offering quality furnishings so that your home can have items that are made to last.

Lars Bolander

Lars Bolander is a Swedish interior designer and antiques dealer who is best known for his work in popularizing Gustavian vintage furnishings. However, this celebrated designer also has a store in Connecticut that offers unique pieces, as many of them are antiques from the 18th and 19th century. Some of the pieces offered here are also scouted internationally from the South of France and Morocco, which is ideal for those who may have preference in adding international flair to their residential interior design.

Patrick Mele

An interior designer himself who believes that homes should tell the stories of the individuals who reside in them, Patrick Mele is a renowned interior designer who has worked for popular American brands like Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren. The designer has a design shop that offers his own custom upholstery, as well as a furniture collection which aligns with the style taste of the designer. In addition, the designer’s store also has offerings of work done in collaboration with other designers and specialists.

Plain Goods

Just as the name suggests, Plain Goods is a store that appeals to those who appreciate minimalist designs. The store is helmed by Andrew Fry and Michael DePerno who have their own private label under their namesake. Other things that you can find in this store include a variety of fabrics like linen and cotton, as well as other items like pet accessories and umbrellas. The store also offers antique and vintage furniture, for those who may like pieces that have a bit of age to them.

The Flat

With a store that is decorated to look like a well-decorated home, The Flat is a home decor store that offers a variety of furnishings that are carefully curated to appeal to many different design tastes. In this store, you will find mid-century pieces to modern pieces, and everything else in between. Apart from furnishings, you can also find other special items like art and miscellaneous objects that could also be used as a special addition to particular spaces.

The Rustic Barn

If you have always been a fan of furnishing that is a little bit more rough on the edges, then The Rustic Barn may be what you are looking for. This home decor store specializes in carrying furnishings that are best suited for farmhouse-style homes. Some of their selection includes hutches, benches and other knick-knacks that will certainly give you the vibe that these items have been well-loved. Everything in this store is done by hand, so each individual item has a special rustic finish that is certainly unmatched.

100 Main

Created with the intention of highlighting notable talent that is local to the area, 100 Main offers a curation of work from talented individuals who specialize in creating unique pieces that are made with quality. From ottomans to table linens, 100 Mains specializes in offering artisanal goods for the home, as well as for the garden and family. If you are in the market for something that is made locally from talented creators, this store should be on your radar.

Residential Design in Connecticut

While it is tempting to simply purchase home decor from mass markets like IKEA and Wayfair, you will miss out on the opportunity to create an interior design space that is completely unique and personalized to your taste. There is no denying that big retailers certainly have an element of convenience, but local stores can carry special pieces that are not seen elsewhere.

With residential interior design, there are many components that can contribute to making a room completely special. Think of it as like a puzzle, where each furniture item or accessory aids in painting a full picture. While some furnishings may work best in certain rooms, there are some unique finds that you may only find in local stores that could fill that void that your space may be missing.

Of course, journeying out to these stores or searching the internet can be a very time consuming ordeal just to look for home decor. You may already know the feeling of how overwhelming it can be to visit large retail stores and view their selections. But what makes these local decor stores so convenient is that they may not offer as many items, but it allows you to consider these items in more detail.

In addition, a lot of these items are not mass-produced, which means that if you do select an item from these local boutiques, you likely have something that is the only item, or something that was made in limited quantities.

The benefit of working with an interior designer is that they will be able to do the work for you in scouting the best stores which may have the best furnishings to suit your residential design project. For those who are limited in time and could benefit from the advice of a professional, an interior designer can fulfill those roles while working closely with an assigned budget.

If you have an interior design or architectural design project in New York or Connecticut that requires some professional expertise, contact us today! We offer no obligations phone calls to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Stewart Schafer is an Interior and Architectural firm based in New York and Connecticut, click here to view some of our past projects and see how we can help.

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