Top 10 Interior Design Trends in 2022

Top 10 Interior Design Trends in 2022

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Things keep changing, and so does interior design.

As a residential and commercial interior design firm, we’ve been keeping our eyes out on the hottest interior design trends of 2022.

Here are the top 10 interior design trends you’re going to be seeing in full force this year.

Going green

Green is the new neutral.

Green is having a moment in interior design. Green in any shade is actually starting to become the most popular paint color being sold today. Slowly, it is being regarded as more lush and luxurious than the previous standard, which was blue.

Many interior designers chalk this up to the desire to bring the outdoors into the home. With people around the world in lockdowns or various stages of being unable to leave their homes, having green within the home is being seen as a new comfort; just one of the small ways to connect with nature even when we’re inside.

Big on brown

Cognac, chocolate, and camel, oh my!

Brown is a widespread trend for a reason—it’s an easily accessible color, it looks great with just about everything, and it is a timeless, classic color.

Stepping away from shades of grey and blue, this trend leans into the feeling of warmth and comfort. Enveloping any room in this color—from your curved furniture to your upholstery—will create an environment that is accepted around the world.

Monochromatic moments

All one color, everything.

Monochromatic contemporary design is growing as a concept in interior design trends. Everything from residential to commercial interior design is prioritizing cohesive design through color.

When designing monochromatic spaces, it is important to focus on the overall idea for your space and to not stray from your concept.

Creating a mood or vision board is an effective way to do this and ensure that your space is a monochromatic interior design dream.

Mindful spaces

Creating spaces that create space.

Though the world is slowly moving back to in-person interactions, the value on effective, mindful spaces is not decreasing. People’s interior projects to create home offices, gyms, and recreational rooms is still as high as ever because we now have a deeper understanding and appreciation for effective personal spaces.

Design elements such as increased but hidden smart storage and multi-functional rooms is still taking off. Even dual-purpose rooms continue to become the new normal, forcing interior design to evolve and innovate everyday.

Hidden, but high-tech

Is it a piece of art or a perfectly disguised TV? You will never know.

Unfortunately, technology doesn’t always match the design or aesthetic of a room. But does that mean you need to sacrifice your fave devices? We don’t think so.

The future of decor is in being able to disguise or hide away the technology we use in our daily lives. Social media as well as top interior designers are finding innovative ways to hide everything from litter boxes and vacuum robots to televisions and entire speaker systems.

Successfully hiding your high-tech devices is all in staying within your key theme. Thinking about the room you’re designing as a whole, including how it functions, will help you find new ways to incorporate the things you use on a daily basis into your furniture, walls, or other elements of your home.

Out-of-this-frame artwork

Cluttered gallery walls are a thing of the past.

A hot-button concept in the design world as of late is the idea of a perfectly curated home. As design trends start to move toward and lean heavily into minimalism, conscious, meaningful curation has really taken the design world by storm.

Design trends value things that make  a statement and start a conversation. In fact, this is also a human truth, especially within the last few years, as this concept centres itself in human connectivity.

While this has been trending for the last few years, what’s really taking off in 2022 is art that achieves all these things in the 3D.

Instead of traditional 2D paintings and photography, interior designers are opting for sculptures, busts, and even custom, sculptural furniture with curved edges and exciting twists to create dynamic presence within a home.

Sustainable options over everything

The other definition of “going green.”

An important emphasis was placed on sustainability last year and this hasn’t changed in the year ahead. Interior design is adapting to the needs of nature and the world around us by adopting sustainable practices.

This means sources sustainable materials for custom furniture, working with local materials where possible, prioritizing recycled materials such as glass, and using vintage pieces in spaces whenever possible.

Sustainable options also means leaning into another design trend for 2022, which is bringing the outdoors, indoors.

Reimagined tradition

Design trends of the past with a fun, modern twist.

Imaginative expression starts with inspiration. And what better to be inspired by than trends of the past?

The design industry relies on using and improving on concepts and trends from the past to make beautiful spaces in the future. That’s just the way design evolution works.

Using older trends and putting a modern and personal twist in it is a great way to keep your space looking unique and visually compelling while remaining clean, fresh, fun, and modern. This is the definition of courageous creativity.

Scandinavian-inspired interiors

Simple, minimal, and quaint is the new way to go.

Scandinavian design is defined by a few key interior design elements, including minimalism, quality furniture and/or accessories, natural textures and materials, and high contrast design.

In this style of interior design, the focus is on clean, nearly bare interiors that are still visually enticing.

Points of interest are created in pops of color, monochromatic wall art, bold pattern, and sharp architecture.

Bold textures

Vibrant colors had their moment. Now we’re all about texture.

There’s nothing more tasteful, timeless, and classic than a texture that appropriately fits any given space. Think of it as visuals that make you feel something; textures can truly be the difference between a stale, boring room, and an inviting, captivating one.

Top interior design trends of 2022 all show that the most popular bold textures are those of natural origin.

While animal prints may be making a return in the fashion industry, interior design is valuing textures such as stone, terra cotta, marble, and more. In this way, homes with heavy “coastal” or “urban jungle/conservatory” look and feel have been making a mark recently.

Depending on your space’s aesthetic and color scheme, these textures also place emphasis in the “natural,” while still remaining bold and compelling for people enjoying it.

Incorporating bold, natural textures in your interior design, corporate interiors, or commercial spaces can include things like live-edge furniture, marble tiling in select rooms, textured planter accents, and much more. The possibilities are endless, only limited by interior designers’  outrageous creativity.

What it all boils down to…

Interior design trends are ever-changing, building and compounding on themselves every day. Stepping away from the past year, we are seeing contemporary interior design and modern style is adapting to new standards and trends in interior design.

All in all, we’re looking at a new age that values both comfort and functionality in interior design that prioritized minimalism. These interior design trends when executed in perfect harmony are here to spend time in the forefront and last for quite some time.

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