Transform Your Backyard With a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Transform Your Backyard With a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen


  • Outdoor kitchens are the perfect addition to any house as they combine the outdoors with the modern convenience of the indoors, working as an extension of the home
  • Beyond hosting family and friends, outdoor kitchens add significant property value to the home
  • Essential elements of a functional outdoor kitchen include a grilling station, prep area and creative storage solutions
  • Smart technology is a practical addition to an outdoor kitchen as it offers customization and remote control of the space
  • Additions such as outdoor speakers, firepits and heaters should be incorporated as they add comfort and year-round use to the space
A person squeezes lemon juice onto a dish of shrimp at an outdoor dining table. Various plates of food, including pasta and vegetables, are arranged on the table set with cutlery. A vase with flowers and greenery is visible in the background.
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For those who love to host family and friends, an outdoor kitchen is a must as it combines the functionality of your home with the natural beauty of the outdoors.  By creating an outdoor kitchen, it not only extends the living space but also offers a custom and unique way to entertain, cook and enjoy the outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, outdoor kitchens are not only beneficial for those who love to host, enjoy the outdoors or find joy in cooking, but it also adds value to the property which is extremely important to consider when thinking about the resale value of a property. In this blog post, we will look at the benefits of creating a custom outdoor kitchen, and all of the exciting features that come with it. Continue reading to learn more.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Expand Your Interior Design Residential Living Space

A huge benefit to creating an outdoor kitchen in your backyard green space is that if designed properly, it will be a natural extension of the home. As buying a cheaper, outdoor kitchen will only last a few seasons and is not a good investment, we recommend working with an interior architect as they will guide you during the design process to create an outdoor space that seamlessly flows with the home interior spaces and the outcome will be a high-quality product. This includes incorporating colours, materials and layouts which are practical and make sense within the given space. Although it may seem costly upfront, outdoor kitchens are a huge benefit for many homeowners as they provide the opportunity to spend time outside in the fresh air with all of the modern-day amenities required to cook and entertain, without having to sacrifice convenience or functionality. When designed properly, outdoor kitchens provide the opportunity for homeowners to make special memories with their loved ones in a space which is comfortable for them.

A Boost in Property Value

As previously mentioned, creating a custom outdoor kitchen with the help of interior designers and/or interior architects who specialize in residential design services helps increase the property value of the home. As they are considered a premium feature, they not only add aesthetic appeal to the home but also increase the overall value of the property which is important to consider if planning on selling the home at any point in the future. Many potential buyers will be impressed with the choice of incorporating an outdoor kitchen as an extension of the home and will be impressed by the architecture and overall design which is a bonus for getting a return on your investment.

3 Essential Elements of an Outdoor Kitchen

1. Grilling Station

The key to a practical outdoor kitchen is embracing the lifestyle of the homeowners. If the homeowners have a love for cooking with meat, a grilling station is a necessity. For many homeowners, the grilling station will become the heart of the outdoor kitchen, as the design of the interior architecture focuses on practicality and functionality. If possible, the structure of the grilling station should include a wide variety of features such as side burners, rotisseries and smokers which can be used for a wide variety of dishes and culinary preferences.

2. Prep Area

Any interior designer will tell you that functionality is key when designing creative projects, and an outdoor kitchen is no different. For a smooth flow within the kitchen, a dedicated area for food preparation is a must. The prep area should include a sink, a wide variety of cutting boards and garbage disposal solutions to make cooking within the outdoor kitchen a breeze. There must be a good flow within the kitchen design and everything needs to have a purpose so that the homeowner wants to continue using the space, so a designated prep area that makes sense within the space is key.

3. Storage Solutions

Lastly, incorporating creative storage solutions is key to having a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor kitchen. Storage solutions should be designed for utensils, cookware and cooking supplies as these are items which will be frequently used but easy to become untidy or misplaced. The interior design residential professionals should incorporate storage solutions which include weather-resistant materials (as required) to ensure that they withstand the elements. This will ensure that homeowners can enjoy their storage solutions for years to come.

A barbecue scene with a person grilling various meats and vegetables. The grill is filled with seasoned meat cuts and sliced vegetables. The background includes greenery and an outdoor space. The person is holding tongs, turning a piece of meat on the grill.
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Smart Technology Integration

Outdoor Entertainment & Appliances

When it comes to creating the interior environments of the outdoor kitchen, incorporating leading industry smart technology and appliances is a great option to utilize in order to successfully create a space that not only has beautiful aesthetics but practicality as well.

Those who are working with interior design or an interior architect, or who have an understanding of the building industry, often choose to utilize smart technology for lighting and ambiance, virtual assistants (such as Google or Alexa) to help control the outdoor environment hands-free, outdoor security, smart appliances and so much more. By choosing to install smart technology within the space, you can ensure your space is perfect and always ready for entertaining friends and family, with many smart features giving access to control the space remotely.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Outdoor Entertainment

Beyond the kitchen area, having the space equipped with outdoor speakers, TVs and surround sound speakers are arguably some of the most important features of an outdoor kitchen. It is important to ensure that guests are comfortable within the space and that the atmosphere fits the intended purpose of the gathering. Builders will encourage homeowners to incorporate comfortable seating and outdoor entertainment to ensure that all of the senses are engaged.

Fire Features

Lastly, it is important to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere if the space is intended to be used year-round. It is important to incorporate elements such as fire pits, fireplaces or outdoor heaters within the outdoor kitchen space to provide some warmth during months when the weather turns colder. Beyond this, incorporating elements such as fire pits or fireplaces adds a cozy element which will make the space that much more inviting.

Overall, choosing to create a custom outdoor kitchen offers a wide range of benefits that go well beyond simply cooking and entertaining. By working with design professionals, it is possible to blend indoor functionality with the outdoors and you can watch your design ideas come to life as the outdoor kitchen becomes an extension of your home! Beyond providing a place to make memories with family and friends, creating an outdoor kitchen also boots the property value of the home as it adds a premium feature to your space. Incorporating important, custom elements such as a grilling and prep station, creative storage solutions and smart technology integration all work together to enhance both the funcationality and ambiance of the space. Incorporating elements such as fire features and heaters should not be overlooked as they contribute to the overall ambiance of the outdoor space. If you are looking to redesign your backyard green space into a custom outdoor kitchen, contact us today and we will be happy to get started.

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