Upcoming Residential Interior Design Trends for Fall

Upcoming Residential Interior Design Trends for Fall

With residential interior design trends constantly changing, it is important to stay on top of trends in order to keep your interior design spaces current and up to date. In this article, we will cover the upcoming residential interior design trends for fall, so that you have more time creating your interior spaces than worrying about staying ahead of the trends.

Neutral coloured living room

Add Texture to Your Walls

Adding textures to your walls is the number one design trend that will be emerging this fall. Typically for a space that does not get much attention, walls are the perfect opportunity to create visual interest in a room while adding some creativity and unusual elements to residential interiors. Looking ahead into the fall of 2022, many people are going to make textured walls their main project, as it can be cost effective while leaving a dramatic impact on a space.

If you are looking to be inspired by various designers who have mastered the art of the textured wall, look no further than Jake Arnold, Colin King or Tina Ramchandani. These interior designers are big fans of textured walls, as they often build a space and aesthetic around the textured walls. These designers are known for creating interest and adding contrast in rooms, and textured walls do just that. In some cases, interior designers are choosing to add textured walls instead of hiring contractors and doing a drastic renovation of a space, as the textured walls serve as a renovation in itself. Not only do textured walls add interest to a space, it can also add sophistication and create a sense of maturity. In essence, by choosing the colour and material of the textured wall, you can create any aesthetic you want.

It should also be noted that adding texture to walls does not have to be something that breaks the bank. There are numerous affordable DIY options, such as textured or vintage wallpaper, plaster and wall coverings which create the illusion of texture. There are a wide range of cost effective alternatives for adding some visual interest to your residential design!

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Another trend that will be emerging this fall within both commercial interiors and residential interior design is the concept of bringing the outdoors inside. In essence, this means creating interiors using natural materials that create the aesthetic of the outdoors. This includes lots of greenery, wicker furniture design, lots of light colours such as white and most importantly lots of sunlight.

The key to bringing the outdoors inside, is using neutral accent pieces throughout the space you are decorating. A creative way to mimic the outdoors is by incorporating a big variety of plants within the space. Many people choose to create a "living wall" within their interior design layout, as the plants and greenery give off good energy and create the feeling of being outdoors. This aesthetic is especially popular among those who are self employed or work from home, as these spaces are usually bright and airy and take away from the fact people are working indoors.

A key design concept when choosing to bring the outdoors inside is choosing the right lighting for this space. This aesthetic usually requires minimal lighting as sunlight is the primary focal point for lighting, however large white floor lamps, lighting made of wood, and modern, creative light designs which enhance the natural beauty of the space are perfect, as they will help bring out the natural features of the space.

White Porcelian shower with large green plant

Use Rich Colours and Deep Hues

A popular trend we will see interior design companies and residential interior designers use this fall are rich colours and deep hues throughout the home. Opposite to bringing the outdoors inside, rich colours and deep hues create the sense of comfort and coziness, while adding a timeless but also dramatic aesthetic to the space. When starting projects that involve rich colours and deep hues, it is important to remember to keep the decorating to a minimum. Minimalist designer shops such as Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn have a wide array of decor and creative elements that can be purchased to enhance the overall vibe of the room. Keep in mind that when decorating a room with strong colours, choose decor and other elements that are either minimal and neutral, or bold with contrasting colours to the colour of choice.

A popular choice for residential interior designers this fall will be a rich, neutral brown. Specifically neutral brown walls, this colour creates a rich sense of relaxation, and will create a subtle sense of luxury in any space. Brown walls also allow for more freedom when choosing furniture and decorations, as it is a colour that pretty much goes with everything. If interested in custom furniture, rich brown walls are a great choice as you will have more freedom when creating your custom furniture. If decorating commercial projects, brown walls are a great option as they are subtle and not overwhelming for your customers.

Deep blue wall with fluffy white chairs

Tip for interior designers: If decorating a room with rich brown walls, stay away from red decorations as this will create the illusion of taupe walls. Instead, opt for decor that includes whites and wood.

Another popular choice for fall 2022 blue. This year, the Pantone Colour Institute has labeled the colour of the year "Very Peri", which is a blue shade with a red/violet undertone. This colour is beautiful and rich, and perfect for creative spaces. This colour would be stunning paired with vintage elements in the room and unique architecture designs. This colour is extremely welcoming and pairs well with gold.

Overall, fall 2022 is having a moment with lots of textures, colours, unique designs and overall beautiful interior spaces. If you are an interior designer or have an interest in interior design and are looking for more info regarding decoration, unique interior design concepts and/or accessories such as mirrors and accent pieces, please contact us today so we can help you create the space of your dreams.

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