Why Should I Choose Custom Modern Furniture Design Over Store-Bought?

Why Should I Choose Custom Modern Furniture Design Over Store-Bought?

custom modern furniture design in connecticut

For any interior design project, one of the most exciting tasks is furniture shopping. Whether you are viewing an online catalog, or in-person at a furniture store, being able to partake in this helps designers get an idea of how some of these items could be selected and used in a particular space.

Furniture shopping also allows designers to get a taste of what selections are offered in certain stores. From modern designs to vintage designs and everything in between, some designers often prefer having the power of choice by having plenty of furnishing options in order to best decorate a space to fulfill the needs of a design project.

However, as you scout around for the best modern furniture, you may run into limitations based on the options that are available to you, compared to what you visualized as the best furnishing piece to go into a room. Sometimes if you are working on a project that has very specific needs like size dimensions and color requirements, you may not always find a suitable piece of furniture that will fill this gap.

Custom Furniture Designers in Connecticut

At Stewart-Schafer, we are experts in interior design that provide our design services in New York & Connecticut. Having decorated numerous spaces for both residential and commercial purposes, we know the importance of custom furniture and how this can be the best solution when it comes to interior decorating. Because stores may not always offer the best and ideal selection, working with furniture designers to create a custom piece is the best way to complete a design project in the best way possible.

Custom-made furniture comes with a whole range of perks that you may not have considered. Although some shoppers and designers may not be convinced because of the associated costs, it may be more costly in the future if they decide to purchase a piece of furnishing that only turns out to not fit a designated space. In this blog, we will uncover why you may want to choose custom-made furniture over store-bought pieces.

The Perks of Using Items from Custom Furniture Designers

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From coffee tables to bed frames, some furniture designers specialize in creating particular furniture items over others. Whether you are looking for mid-century modern furniture designs or ultra-modern furniture designs, there are plenty of furniture designers who are experts in creating distinct pieces that would fit a specific theme.

Due to the fact that store-bought pieces are limited in selection, it is impossible to always find the right item that is best suited for your design project. As tempting as it may be to simply select an item from an established furniture store, sometimes the extra steps required in working with a custom furniture designer can pay off in the end.

Take a look at our suggestions below as to why you may want to use custom furniture over store-bought ones.

Exclusive and Unique Furnishings

custom modern furniture design in connecticut

Although store-bought furniture is very convenient, it can also be very generic and predictable. While this may be great for those who simply need something right away, decorating a space shouldn’t be a rushed endeavor, as the smallest details can have a significant role in affecting a space.

A key benefit to custom-made furniture is that it can be created in a unique way by interior designers that most likely no other store can replicate. For those who wish to achieve that feeling of exclusivity by having something that is unique to their home, custom-made furniture can fulfill that feeling, while also creating the potential to make a room stand out with its distinct furnishings.

The Perfect Piece for Design Needs

Every space is unique, and that ultimately means that the cookie-cutter furnishings that you will find at a furniture store will not always suffice. From size requirements to color selection, these are just some of the limitations that will weigh on you when you begin shopping for furniture.

While it is possible to find that magnificent furnishing that fits perfectly into a room like a puzzle piece, it is not always possible, and it can be a rare occurrence. With custom-made furnishing, you do not need to compromise by finding the best alternative that will fit in a room. Getting a custom-made furniture piece means that you will be able to get the dream piece that you visualized to go into a room. For instance, if your room is solely filled with modern Scandinavian design furniture and you are looking for the perfect dresser to fit in a corner, your best bet with finding the ideal piece would be through a custom furniture designer who specializes in that design style.

Available When You Need It

Picture this scenario. Imagine that you are near completion with decorating a room, and that you have finalized all the furnishings that you wish to purchase at a selection of furniture stores. Because you were reluctant to purchase them ahead of time with concerns that they may not fit into the room, you decided to wait until the last minute and upon your decision to finally buy those furnishing pieces, you discover that some of them are sold out and are no longer available.

Of course, your first instinct may be to try and look for something similar, but as previously mentioned, finding something similar is not always possible and you may end up just cutting yourself short by finding a substitute that may not be best suited for the room. While custom-made furniture may require some timing and planning, you will likely have the guarantee that it will be ready for you once you need it, in order to complete a design project.

Opportunity to Support Local Artisans

With many custom-made pieces of furniture, one of the hidden benefits that may seem to be forgotten is the fact that it allows you to support artists and interior designers who are local to an area. Although it may not be on your mind when going furniture shopping, it can be good to know that the furnishings that you use are not only specially made for a space, but your decision to do so is actually benefiting a local business.

Many local furniture designers are also great at consulting clients to get a better understanding of what furniture piece you are looking for. As a matter of fact, some of them may even pitch in their own ideas, which you may not have thought about, to make the best use of a furnishing piece at a planned space.

Modern Furniture Design in Connecticut & NY

Furniture stores are often the go-to place that many designers and shoppers will flock to when they are in need of decorating a space. However, this should not always be your only option, because as discussed above, there are plenty of benefits that are available when it comes to purchasing custom-made furniture.

While some furniture stores specialize in carrying specific styles of furnishings, the majority of large-scale furniture stores tend to be limited in options, as they tend to have a catalog that prioritizes carrying a whole range of products to try and appeal to different design tastes.

But if you are particularly looking for modern furniture to accommodate the style of your modern house, you may realize that the furniture design that you may have visualized for your house may not always be readily available in typical furniture stores. Or if they are available, you may run into slight issues such as stock availability, color selection or even material type.

If your sights are set with modern furnishings, it may be a good idea to work with furniture designers who specialize in the modern style, as they likely will have the best understanding of what type of furniture you are looking for. Not only will you receive something that is not easily found in stores, you are also getting a piece that will essentially fit like a glove in your space as it is made exclusively for that purpose.

The key thing to keep in mind with custom-made furniture is that it would be a smart idea to work with an interior designer, as they will be quite knowledgeable when it comes to scouting the ideal furniture designer, but they can also handle the more complex tasks like budget allocation and negotiation when it comes to designing a custom-made piece.

If you have an interior design or architectural design project in New York or Connecticut that requires some professional expertise, contact us today! We offer no obligations phone calls to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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